Quizzes of basic Japanese┃初級日本語クイズ【Archive7】

Instagramに投稿した「Quizzes of basic Japanese 初級日本語クイズ」のアーカイブを紹介しています。問題のあとに解答と解説が続きます。

This page introduces the archive of “Quizzes of basic Japanese” which was posted on Instagram. The answers and explanations follows after quizzes.





Japanese has complex rules for grammar of conditional.
Today, we are talking about “たら” and “なら”.





The particle “に” has lots of functions.
When “に” is appended to a noun indicating time, it indicate the time of occurrence of an action which follows the “に”.
However, sometimes there needs no “に” with a noun indicating time.






“Verb+ています” and “Verb+てあります” are both indicates a continuing state.
And the expression used differs depending on whether the action was intentional or not.
In addition, there are explicit grammatical restrictions.






“~あいだ” and “~あいだに” both means “during” or “while”.
Then how should we use them properly?






名詞修飾(noun modification)

Today’s quiz is about noun modification.
Some of you may think these quizzes are easy, but can you really get them all right?